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Continental Purecontact LS Tire Review

Continental PureContact LS Tire Review

Continental Purecontact LS Tire Review
Dry 95%
Wet 95%
Snow 85%
Comfort 95%
Noise 95%
Treadwear 90%
Overall 94%



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Continental Purecontact LS Tire Review

The luxury cars of Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, and Lexus try to combine many things in one package. First of all, they have to be extremely calm and comfortable on the road – better than any other type of vehicle in this case. Most of all, these cars have powerful engines and can be very fast in V8 terms – even faster than some sports cars. Finally, high-end sedans also run several miles a year and are mostly used for long-distance travel.

All the cars of these companies meet these things easily, but not without a good set of tires. The thing is, some tires are designed to offer a quiet and smooth ride but they are not able to compete with powerful engines, while others are excellent with traction and grip, but do not provide the most comfortable driving experience. Do

The Continental Purecontact LS Tire is a beautiful touring tire that strives to be super luxurious and good for driving. It is designed specifically for the premium vehicles of the most popular manufacturers but is also available in sizes ranging from mid-range sedans, minivans, and crossovers. However, it costs more than standard Turing tires, which means that owners of premium vehicles are more likely to buy them.

Sure, there are cheaper Grand Tour options in the budget segment, but these models are worse than the Continental in almost every category. On the other hand, some of the premium Turing tires from premium manufacturers can be even more expensive. Here, we contrast the Continental Purecontact LS Tire and other premium tires, including dry and wet foothold, ice footing, solace, and solidness.

Spoiler alert: Pure Contact is one of the best Grand Turing tires right now, especially for wet traction and comfort. Assuming you need a more point-by-point survey of the tire, read on to discover how it acts in various circumstances.


Continental Purecontact LS Tire Review

What are the features of the Continental PureContact LS Tire?

According to Continental, the Pure Contact LS is designed to deliver great and sporty performances with its core features including quiet and comfortable riding, long wear time, excellent class breaking, and all seasonal wear. ۔ Includes performances. Clearly, this is a great touring tire that directly competes with the likes of Bridgestone, Michelin, Good Year, and Perelli. It is one of the latest tires in Continental’s portfolio that was launched in 2018. As expected, it incorporates the company’s advanced technologies, some of which are not available on other models in its lineup.

The first new feature available in Pure Contact LS is a temperature-driven functional polymer that enhances compound bonding and aids in tire wear and fuel efficiency. Notwithstanding polymers, PureContact LS likewise contains + Sylane added substances that increment foothold under dangerous conditions, for instance on sodden surfaces.

The compound is molded into a disproportionate trade compound with stationary trade blocks in the shoulders for lateral grip and rapid stabilization. In addition, the Continental featured a wide middle rib for a better feel at the center, which is essential for highway driving and straight-line tracking. Pure contact LS covered with wide trays and deep, wide channels help to achieve excellent resistance to wet traction. Snow traction is also covered by shoulders, traction canals, and intermediate trade blocks, a feature that has been a standard in all seasons so far.

What are maintenance indicators?

Like most premium tires, the PureContact LS has wear indicators designed to run. More specifically, Continental puts them through the central (largest) channel of the trade pattern. That said, when you have new tires, you can’t see them from a distance, which is fine, because they should only be visible when the trade is over. More precisely, you will need to change your tires when the wear indicators are flush from running because the tires will no longer be usable in wet conditions or light snow.

That said, Continental offers a great warranty for the PureContact LS. With a 70,000 mile or 6-year commercial life warranty, it is one of the longest-running sporting Grand Turing tires on the Continental market. Sure, you’ll find some models that come with an 80,000-mile trade ware warranty, but they’re usually worse in the performance department.

The warranty for traction, response, and grip obtained in this tire are very good. Uniform warranty is great even before 1 year / 2/32 ″ wear, while Continental also offers 60 days trial and 3 years flat changing. It’s something you definitely don’t find elsewhere, especially in the least bit.

But, what about real-life sustainability? Sadly, it is too early to say. Past experience with Continental Tires has been very positive for both treadwear and uniformity. PureContact is more likely to run longer on more powerful and heavier vehicles.

Is it good for off-road driving?

If you want to get off the road with your Mercedes Benz S-Class, go for it! Jokes aside, the PureContact LS is not the best tire for off-road use. It lacks proper trade design and hard and durable flooring. You can still use it on gravel, but only if you drive carefully.

Due to the fact that you can put a set of these tires on some crossovers, we suggest that you forget about it if you plan to drive off-road. Under these conditions, all Terrain tires will work much better. Continental’s Terrain Contact, for example, is an all-terrain tire designed to provide better traction while off-road driving, but is still, good for driving and comfortable on the road.

How does it behave on dry tarmac?

If you are looking for reliable tires for high-speed driving on the highway, then Continental Pure Contact LS will satisfy your appetite. When it comes to the driving experience, this is one of the best Grand Turing tires for a luxurious and fast sedan. How these tires behave on dry tarmac makes it very difficult to detect defects.

Sure, if you’ve had high-performance tires before, you’ll see a slightly weaker reaction and grip, but that’s to be expected with a Grand Touring manicure. Still, for the average driver, and even those who drive a little more aggressively in the corners, the Continental will suffice.

In “passionate” language, the PureContact LS responds very quickly to steering input, making the whole driving experience even more enjoyable. Traction is excellent even on more powerful vehicles, while the braking distance is the shortest in its class. As expected, PureContact also charges very low fares in both hot and cold seasons.

How is it over wet and slippery roads?

If you think that we have spent all the positive features on dry traction then you are wrong. Right now, the Continental Purecontact LS Tire is probably the best-wet driving tire of all season. Let me be clear – high-performance tires are better in the rain in the summer, but they only work in hot conditions. The Continental Purecontact LS Tire works in both hot and cold conditions, which makes it the best generally speaking.

As tested by Continental, this tire has the shortest braking distance in wet conditions, which we believe. In its upper part, hydroplaning resistance is advanced, even at highway speeds, while traction is outstanding. Continental Purecontact LS Tire is also great on damp sidewalks, thanks to the Advanced Trade Compound. Seriously, it gives the tire confidence to get wet like almost no one else.

With that being said, how is it in snowy roads?

The Continental Purecontact LS Tire has been rated an all-season tire, which means it has a few design choices that make it usable in snow. That said, you’ll still need winter tires for real snow traction, especially if it snows heavily in your area. As far as Grand Touring all-season tires are concerned, the Continental is one of the best in this category. Traction is very good in light snow, while the braking distance is shorter than other tires in this category.

Is it comfortable and refined?

We’ve come to the second (or first?) The most important thing for luxury tire buyers. When it comes to tires, most of the time it doesn’t go to leisure and sports, but fortunately, Continental Purecontact LS Tire is not. It is one of the quietest Grand Turing tires of the 19-inch and 20-inch models, and at speeds of over 70 mph. On top of that, the ride quality is great, especially when paired with luxurious sedans with air suspension.

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Continental Purecontact LS Tire

Continental Purecontact LS Tire



Our Rating

Should I buy the PureContact LS?

If you want tires that combine luxury and sport, you should go for the Continental Purecontact LS Tire. Sure, you can find cheap tires that promise similar features, but the Continental Purecontact LS Tire will beat them in almost every category. This is a tire that has almost no defects in being honest. Right now, it’s definitely one of the best Grand Turing tires on the market and deserves to be installed on your expensive wheels.

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