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Continental Extremecontact DWS06 Tire Review

Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Tire Review

Dry 95%
Wet 95%
Snow 80%
Comfort 95%
Noise 90%
Treadwear 80%
Overall 90%



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Continental Extremecontact DWS06 Tire Review

The Continental Extremecontact DWS06 Tire is special. It has excellent characteristics that enable the tire to provide unsurpassed traction and grip in all weather driving. DWS means dry, wet, and snowy. Yes, the Extreme Contact DWS06 is aimed at handling performance and traction on dry, wet, and snowy roads.

From their perspective, it looks like the Continental Extremecontact DWS06 Tire can do it all. When was the last time a high-performance tire could handle snow? But one thing I really like about this tire is the disproportionate business design. It really looks like a sporty high-performance tire.

You can think of the Continental Extremecontact DWS06 Tire as a more seasonal tire with more wet and snow features. It may also be called a hybrid tire that integrates the characteristics of a touring tire with the cold weather capabilities of a snow tire. It may be hard to believe, but Continental used all the tips in the book to create great performances all season of Continental Extremecontact DWS06 Tire.


Continental Extremecontact DWS06 Tire Review

What are the features of the Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Tire?​

Let’s start with D in DWS. The tires are equipped with an uneven business design. Chamfered edges and special traction grooves are designed to provide excellent grip on dry trim. Wide shoulder blocks are also responsible for better handling and better steering feel.

W stands for wet in DWS. The Continental Extremecontact DWS06 Tire is made from a state-of-the-art silica all-season trade compound. It is further enhanced with +Celine additives and Continental Sport Plus technology. All this helps in sporty handling on wet and snowy roads. The rubber is designed to maintain the required level of responsibility in both hot and cold climates. And if you know something about tires, it means that rubber can hold the road better regardless of weather or road conditions.

S means snow. The tire also comes with multiple traction tubes that provide the cutting edge needed to conquer slippery, icy, and icy floors. Unlike all-season performance tires, the Continental Extremecontact DWS06 Tire only comes with three square tubes, thanks to the extra-wide center groove. But this doesn’t prevent the tire’s ability to get wet, as it can still wastewater and crush to improve grip.

Is it really that good in the snow?

Continental Extreme Contact DWS06 Overview.
It depends on two things: the S-marking on the built-in Quick View indicators and the amount of snow on the road. The Continental Extreme Contact DWS06 is additionally outfitted with a matte exchange pointer. If the S indicator is present, it means that the threads are thick enough to provide better handling and grip in the snow.

Some seasonal tires are only good for light snow. But not the Continental Extreme Contact DWS06. As long as the S indicator is visible, you can expect the tires to provide steady traction even on roads covered in an inch of snow or ice. However, if you live in a place with heavy snowfall, it is best to keep your tune in a winter or snow tire seat.

How good is the wet performance?

The Continental Extreme Contact DWS06 specializes in wet weather driving. It provides a consistent and firm grip on wet roads. The tires felt blended and stable while rolling over water bodies moving at high speeds. The brakes feel strong as the tires will be able to stop your car with confidence without slipping or overslipping. It’s rare for high-performance tires to have many driving qualities in wet weather, but Continental managed to pull it off with the Extreme Contact DWS06.

How does this tire run on dry roads?

Continental Extreme Contact DWS06 is a great actor in Drought. The sporty DNA of the tires is undeniable when treading hard. Steering is accurate and precise, while handling is stable and safe. The brakes also felt firmer because the tires can hold the road like glue, especially when the tires have reached the ideal operating temperature. In case there’s one thing I’ve seen about the Extreme Contact DWS06, it’s the way that the tires should be sufficiently warmed to permit gigantic foothold to dry out.

What about relaxation and refinement?

Let’s start with the noise of the road. Ultra high-performance tires may provide more traction and grip, but this will come at the cost of more road noise. On the other hand, the Continental Extremecontact DWS06 Tire is different. While this is not enough to perform well on dry, wet, and snowy roads, this tire is also a class leader in terms of quiet comfort. This tire puffs up at highway speeds, even hitting a Turing tire suitable in this regard.

The Continental Extremecontact DWS06 Tire also offers the flagship feature of the class. It is capable of providing a soft yet controlled ride on various road surfaces including hard concrete and uneven trusses. It can also absorb the shock of driving into deep potholes without disturbing the balance and stability of your vehicle.

Is it economical?

The only glare in the Continental Extremecontact DWS06 Tire armor is casual wear. Unlike a proper set of touring tires designed to deliver incredible mileage, the Continental Extremecontact DWS06 Tire wears out fast. Of course, it also has something to do with your driving habits. But for the price, the Trader really isn’t that bad. But if you like to drive fast, you can expect the tires to wear out pretty fast.

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Continental Extremecontact DWS06 Tire



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Should I buy the Continental Extremecontact DWS06 Tire?

There’s one more thing you need to know about the Continental Extremecontact DWS06 Tire: It’s more expensive than other high-performance tires. But if you take into account actual weather capabilities and operational performance, these tires will provide good value for money. If you have a proper sports car, luxury sports coupe, or GT sports car, you should seriously consider the versatility of the Continental Extremecontact DWS06 Tire.

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