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Best Tires for Honda CR-V 2007

Compact crossovers are getting more popular every single day, and between them, one stands out because of the hottest – the Honda CR-V. This is a crossover that’s loved by families because of its roomy and versatile interior, fuel-efficient engines, refinement, and reliability. It’s a jack of all trades vehicles which will do almost everything its owner wants from it.

Despite being very family-friendly, the CR-V is additionally excellent to drive on the road. That’s true that front-wheel-drive models, but especially for those equipped with all-wheel drive. Of course, to urge the foremost out of your Honda CR-V, you’ll need good tires which will make the foremost out of each situation and sort of road.

The best tires for Honda CR-V 2007 will provide excellent traction on dry surfaces, excellent traction on wet surfaces, and even good traction in weather conditions and snow. There are other important things to think about, like comfort and tranquility of the tire, also as longevity and sturdiness – you certainly wouldn’t want to vary your tires each year.

To help Honda CR-V owners with choosing the most effective tires for his or her beloved vehicle, we’ve compiled a Top 10 list of the best tires. in this list, we’ll put several different kinds of tires, because nobody lives in areas with similar weather, or nobody is that the same sort of driver. Before we start with our list, let’s have a glance at what every kind of tire means so you’ll be able to understand which one is that the best for you.

After having cleared everything out, let’s start with our Top 10 list. within the list, we are going to include every type of tire that we expect is viable for the CR-V. we’ll also include five premium and five budget tires to make the definitive Top 10 list of the best tires for Honda CR-V 2007 for each owner. So, here we go!

Top 10 Best Tires for Honda CR-V 2007

1. Nankang SP-9

Best All-Season Tire For Honda CR-V 2007


Tires are designed for use in All-Season conditions.

  • On no 1 Best tires for Honda CR-V 2007
  • Asymmetric tread pattern, with excellent handling and braking characteristics.
  • The tire tread is designed for high-speed asphalt and concrete roads.
  • Allowed to operate outside of urban conditions, on smooth roads without asphalt pavement.
  • Tires are universal and suitable for any driving style.

Important features of these tires are:

  • On no 1 Best tires for Honda CR-V 2007
  • Advanced rubber compound. It contains highly dispersed silicon, which provides stable elasticity under different temperatures and road conditions and increases wear resistance. The presence of layered absorbent compounds creates an additional cushioning effect, contributing to the suppression of aerodynamic noise.
  • Reduced rolling resistance, which reduces fuel consumption and, consequently, improves the environmental performance of the machine.
  • The complex configuration of the blocks of the central zone, which improves the directional stability of the car and its predictability in straightforward driving, maneuvering, and braking.
  • Abundant labeling, due to which many additional catching faces appeared on the tread. They enhance the edge effect on snowy areas and on ice.
  • The powerful frame is designed in such a way as to withstand various manifestations of mechanical aggression(breaks, bumps, deformations, etc.).

2. Hankook H737

Best All-Season Tire For Honda CR-V 2007


Tires are designed for use in All-Season conditions.

  • On no 2 Best tires for Honda CR-V 2007
    Has a reinforced board for high loads.
    Thickly dotted with 3D lamellas that deflect slush.
  • Sharp edges enhance traction on slippery surfaces.
  • The WinterCraft WS71 combines comfort and performance.

Important features of these tires are:

  • On no 2 Best tires for Honda CR-V 2007
  • Original wear indicators implemented as an hourglass. They allow the driver to visually monitor the deterioration of tires: when the “sand” from the “clock” disappears – it means it’s time to replace.
  • Dense 3-D lamellation, which solved two tasks at once: reinforcing adhesion (under the weight of the machine, the lamellae open, creating edge elements) and maintaining the required rigidity of the blocks for their resistance to deforming loads.
  • Reinforced side zone, which increases the density of fixation of the tire on the disk, and powerful sidewalls that prevent cuts and other damage to the cord.
  • A pronounced asymmetric tread designed “from scratch” and providing.
  • controllability on slippery roads, including due to the effective resistance to side sliding.


Best All-Season Tires For Honda CR-V 2007

Best Tires for Honda CR-V 2007

Important features of these tires are:

  • On no 3 Best tires for Honda CR-V 2007
  • They are equipped with spikes, which are Michelin’s proprietary development and have an increased service life of up to 30%. Durable Contact Patch technology made it possible to achieve not only the square shape of the contact spot but also its increase by 27%, which greatly improved the traction characteristics of tires. Studying is made in three rows, and reliable fixing of the studs prevents them from falling out even under intense multidirectional loads.
  • Three longitudinal grooves with a characteristic “broken” configuration improve handling on slippery surfaces. In addition, together with the side grooves, they provide a drainage effect, contributing to the most rapid removal of melt masses, slush, and dirt from under the wheel.
  • The wave-shaped lamellas are made using StabiliGrip technology and constantly interact with each other. Due to this, they prevent excessive deformation of the tread blocks during extreme maneuvering, as well as during braking and acceleration.

4.Firestone ALL SEASON

Best All-Season Tires For Honda CR-V 2007

Best Tires for Honda CR-V 2007
Best Tires for Honda CR-V 2007

Important features of these tires are:

  • On no 4 Best tires for Honda CR-V 2007
  • However, with regard to the technology itself, the tire has undergone a number of significant changes. Firstly, in this model for the first time, a system was implemented – A smart spike. It includes several elements: the spike itself of a modified shape, with a massive upper flange and an increased diameter, as well as a thermoactive rubber mixture with a denser layer in the places of the studs. Due to this, the spikes last much longer.
  • It is impossible not to pay attention to the fact that in the places of the studs, as mentioned above, the rubber layer is denser. But this is not a major advantage. The most important thing is that at low temperatures the thermo-rubber becomes tougher and the spikes practically “bite” into the road. And at a temperature close to zero, thermoresin, on the contrary, is milder. And the spikes, as it were, are hidden in the tire, which allows them to be saved for longer service life.

5.Westlake SU318 All-Season

Best All-Season Tires For Honda CR-V 2007

Best All-Season Tires For Honda CR-V 2007

Important features of these tires are:

  • On no 5 Best tires for Honda CR-V 2007
  • A feature of tires is a two-layer tread structure. The inner (base) layer is made of thermoactive rubber mixture and is responsible for the reliable fixation of the spikes. Its rigidity increases with increasing frost, as a result of which the rubber base under the spike becomes harder. This not only contributes to a stronger hold but also increases the puncture force, increasing adhesion to an icy surface.
  • The contact (outer) tread layer is made using Flex-Ice technology and retains elasticity regardless of external temperature.
  • The edges of the tread blocks are serrated, creating a good grip with a snowy coating. The wide drainage grooves quickly remove melt, moisture, and slush from under the wheel.
  • The lamellas on the tread blocks are located at different angles (from 10° to 45°), which improves the grip.
  • Structural strength is ensured by a double frame and a reinforced sidewall. Tires are well adapted for off-road driving and withstand various types of physical exertion.

6.Cooper Evolution Tour All- Season

Best All-Season Tires For Honda CR-V 2007

Best Tires for Honda CR-V 2007

Important features of these tires are:

  • On no 6 Best tires for Honda CR-V 2007

Everyday driving is anything but ordinary with the Evolution Tour. An all-season passenger car tire designed for a smooth and comfortable ride, the Evolution Tour offers reliable traction, long life, and fuel efficiency.

7.Goodyear Assurance

Best All-Season Tires For Honda CR-V 2007

Best-All-Season-Tires for-Subaru-Outback
Best Tires for Honda CR-V 2007

Important features of these tires are:

  • On no 7 Best tires for Honda CR-V 2007
  • An innovative rubber compound and this applies not only to the composition but also to the mixing technology. It contains silicon components,functional elastomers, and highly effective plasticizers.This structure enhances traction with different types of roads, increases wear resistance, and reduces rolling resistance.
  • Double frame. Its design is reinforced with an additional cord made of high-strength synthetic materials – aramid-nylon threads woven into a powerful wide mesh. This solution effectively protects against deforming centrifugal forces during fast driving, as well as from other types of physical aggression. Two-layer tread. Its lower layer is made of a rubber mixture of increased stiffness has improved thermal conductivity and thereby prevents overheating.The upper (running) part is made of a softer material containing increased volumes of silica and special elastomers. Due to this, it is resistant to wear and retains elasticity over a wide temperature range.

8.Grizzlar GSL-4221CAM

Best Winter Season Tires For Honda CR-V 2007

Best Tires for Honda CR-V 2007
Best Tires for Honda CR-V 2007

Important features of these tires are:

  • On no 8 Best tires for Honda CR-V 2007
  • This element is responsible for handling and fuel efficiency. The top layer is flexible, and it does not harden in cold weather, providing tight contact with the road.
  • Complex rubber mixture. Its production is based on the use of large volumes of silicon-containing ingredients with the addition of new plasticizers and functional polymers. This increases wear resistance, tear resistance, and improves running performance.
  • The directional tread with a characteristic “palm-shaped” pattern. Thanks to the original configuration of the blocks on the bus, there are many coupling faces of complex configuration. This creates the so-called “claw effect”, significantly enhancing grip.

9. 225/65R17

Best Winter Season Tires For Honda CR-V 2007

Best Tires for Honda CR-V 2007

Important features of these tires are:

  • On no 9 Best tires for Honda CR-V 2007
  • Innovative tread structure. Its main feature is the pattern, which varies depending on the degree of wear. The technology is called EverGrip and provides for the appearance of wide grooves on the surface of the tire as it wears out. In other words, initially “hidden” drainage elements open on the surface, which guarantees the stability of functional indicators throughout the entire operational period.
  • Improved compound composition. The presence of silica prevents hardening of the tire in the cold, and functional polymers and special plasticizers increase wear resistance and prevent the appearance of cracks and tears.
  • Thick lamellar surface, thanks to which tires effectively resist slipping on winter roads.
  • The presence of wear indicators that allow you to visually monitor the condition of the tire and in time to determine the need for their replacement.

10.Grizzlar GDP-245 Diamond

Best Winter Season Tires For Honda CR-V 2007

Best Tires for Honda CR-V 2007

Important features of these tires are:

  • On no 10 Best tires for Honda CR-V 2007
  • Advanced stud design. They are made of an alloy of iron, and their shape is developed on the basis of analogs used in rally sports. Due to this, the stud bodies do not touch the road surface, and only the carbide upper insert with additional rim contact it.Innovative rubber compound.
  • Its composition is patented and classified, it retains the declared firmness and elasticity in frosts down to -65 ° C.
  • Advanced lamellar system. The cutting was carried out in different directions, while the lamellas have a modified U-shaped configuration and a three-dimensional structure. This enhances traction and provides an additional drainage effect.

What to look for when choosing the Best Tires for Honda CR-V

Crossovers are vehicles that are popular because they often go with all-wheel-drive and all-terrain abilities, but to be honest, there aren’t tons of drivers that take the CR-V out of the road. Sure, the AWD system helps you to tackle some light terrain, but the Honda CR-V is just not nearly as good as a real SUV vehicle off-road.

That’s why, when choosing a collection oF best tires for Honda CR-V 2007, it’s best to ask yourself if you’ll drive your car out of the road. If the solution is not any, like for pretty much every CR-V owner out there, you actually don’t need an all-terrain or specialized terrain tire.

It’s best to look at this Japanese crossover as a family car and choose the tires accordingly. We think the best tires for Honda CR-V 2007 are all-season touring tires. they typically have excellent dry grip and traction, excellent wet traction, and even add snowy conditions.

Touring tires also are known for comfort – they’re the quietest and most comfortable tires around. within the end,  touring tires also are very durable and last the longest in comparison to other kinds of tires.

Also, important for a vehicle that’ll be used for long family trips. With all that said, touring tires are the most effective kind of tires for Honda CR-V Touring, the travel-oriented trim of the popular Japanese crossover.

At the top of the day, the name of the model suggests what tires  are the simplest suitable for it! If touring tires are a small amount pricey for you and you don’t do tons of miles annually, then normal all-season tires should do the task just fine.

These also will have excellent dry, wet and snow traction, but they’ll be just a tad louder and fewer comfortable. If you reside in a region with where it rains often, or a region with a touch more snow within the winter, you may consider all-weather tires.

These tires are generally better than all-season in winter conditions and snow. they’re also excellent in dry conditions.That said, for heavy winters with freezing temperatures and tons of snow,only winter tires will do the task. Winter tires work far better at lower temperatures due to the softer rubber.

They also work far better within the snow because of deeper grooves and sipes. The difference between an all-season or all-weather tire and winter tire within the snow is night and day. Snow tires are a variant of winter tires that have even deeper grooves and more aggressive tread patterns, but they’re made for real weather conditions.

The thing with winter and snow tires is that they can’t be utilized in the summer or warmer climates. The softer rubber degrades much faster and in no time you’ll get to change the tires. a minimum of use all-season tires if the weather gets warmer. If you reside in a region with hot summers and not-so-cold winters, you’ll want to think about a high-performance summer tire.

These tires are at their best when tackling dry and also hot pavement. With a group of high-performance summer tires, the Honda CR-V will handle far better – surfing the corners will desire driving on rails. These sporty tires also are great for rainy weather, even better than all-season and all-weather tires. However, they’re completely unusable on snow and in weather conditions, so we advise against using them in these circumstances.


We sincerely hope that our Top 10 list will assist you to choose the most effective Best tires for Honda CR-V 2007. Best tires for you and your CR-V 2007. Just take notice that you simply shouldn’t choose tires only by their place on the list, but choose tires so that they will suit your needs. Also, we recommend rotating the best tires at every maintenance. this manner you’ll take care that they’re going to be in their best condition for an extended time and ultimately, keep you and your family safe.

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